Arctic05 & your favorite kids website called “Kid City” have joined forces to attract your attention on Polar beauties and the importance to respect our earth. Come with me, I will bring you for a wonderful trip to the Arctic.
Today, you will discover a new special dossier which will cover our undergoing sailing Polar expedition with code name “Arctic Calling”. I will update you on Kid City website with some breaking news, pictures & educational reportages. Together, let’s discover under Kid City website the Arctic Ocean, its wildlife & the stunning landscapes of the Northwest icy Passage!
Are you ready, then click here to view the French version or if you prefer to view the Dutch version

Enjoy your journey to the North!

Within the Kid City's ecological treaty, you will read 10 tips which will help you to understand how to respect day by day our environment...click here to learn about the 10 tips in French >> or  if you prefer in Dutch, please press here >>

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